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They needed a club too!
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I wont take anything down here haha~
NEW ACCOUNT: Zero09Studios

Watch me there and ye uwu invite me to your groups and ye
Thanks for everything <3
Ayyy yoooooooooooooooooo I'm gonna move accounts soon lol.

Ahh well actually I am doing it because:

1. I have waaay too much drawings I certainly don't want in my gallery (I have 1455 deviatons, I ain't got time to go through that lol)
2. I am not as active as I was in my main fandom back when I created this account (SSB, but I am sure I'll be getting back into it soon)
3. I got like 70% of my watchers during that stage, and I'm sure they're expecting that, not UTAU stuff |D

Oh! But I will NOT deactivate this account. The reason? Because maybe someday I'll need any of these pictures here, and since I am too lazy to create a backup in my computer |D

Me and SamShamrocks have some things coming around >u> <u< We're making a collab story! o vo)//! We've been planning it for a while and now that both of us will make a fresh start, we decided we're going to post it over here! ^ u^)// I'm not going to give out much details because I suck ass I would rather give out details when I am in a fresh start! So stay tuned -w- Wow Ikey makes original stories this is a new thing
What is your 'online' Name: 
Zero09Ike. I almost go by that name EVERYWHERE. Except for youtube, where I am SammehFangirl01. I chose that name because I must let everyone know that I am the 01# fan of this bitch right here -> SamShamrock 

What UTAU's have you created?: 
Okay okay okay, I'll sort them in the ones I voice and the ones I don't
UTAUs I voice:
-Rye Kuna
-Juno Hiyama
-Norely Hiyama
-Chiasa Morelle
-Sparx-On (old)
-Jonathan (old)
-Cobalto (old/scrapped)
-Lunai Ayase
-Sarah Yume (unlegit)
-Silba Mondragon (old/scrapped)
-Riku Naoko
(I think that's it?? |D)

UTAUs I don't voice:
-Kimiko (voiced by Kassie)
-Effie Ned (voiced by Kassie)
-CALISTO (voiced by Novocaine4thePaiN)
-Rio Korine (voiced by Lunamageice)
-HANSEL (voiced by UltraParanoidKitsune)
-Spanish Nipple/Rue Lee (voiced by sonictheunknown)
-Rath (Ruth & Rath are voiced by the same person, however I lost their username :^( )
-Unnamed Female (voiced by Novocaine4thePaiN)

And I just started-//STABBED

What UTAU's and UTAU makers do you look up to?: 
My favorite UTAU is probably Matsudappoiyo, and VERY close behind Kiei from Cybersenpai, they're just perfect in everywhere and you can't convince me otherwise. I also ADORE Aido Ishiame and Circus-P, I love the way they tune and how they make each voice they use shine (they're more active in VOCALOID though lol). I also adore Hibiki Shinji <3. I love Hiro Shishiza, and I really look up to UltraParanoidKitsune because I think she's a very skilled mixer and her tuning is just *^* I also admire Lunamageice and ALL of his UTAUs, I think they're all superb, I love the way he tune and I looove his mixing, also I like how he can pull off so many appends of his UTAU :'D And I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Kieg and his creator Geiky <3. Other UTAUs I love are Mizuki Zuiga, Sonone Linako & Remu, Ami Taiyo, Kumone Keishi, VIC(toria), KAI KIM, Kaibara Daiki, Hakone Shima, Yume Utao, Ron Keine, and many more |^D

What are some of your dreams as an UTAU maker?:
Um I haven't really thought of that. Well I guess finally be able to make USTs, and perfect my oto and tuning skills~ |D

What got you into UTAU?: 
Well I made friends with saki-rin and I really liked her UTAU and she encouraged me to stop being such a puss stop being scared and record my first UTAU.

What do you like best about your UTAU?:
I love all my UTAUs, period, to be honest I don't know what (or which) I like best so |D But at least with my first 5 UTAUs, I'm super happy that I got to remake their voicebanks and now they sound much nicer! They've come such long way hhhhhhhhhhhhh. (I just have 1 1/2 year in UTAU what am I saying)

What do you dislike/think you need to improve upon with your UTAU?: 
Well I know with Rye I gotta fix his T's, which I mispronounced on purpose for whatever reason even I don't know. I suppose I have to revise my accent overall, and I need to improve designs.

What are your plans for the future with your UTAU?: 
FINALLY give them all VCVs o vo) And if I can, at least a Bipitch bank. Perioud. u vu)</i>
Natural Hair Colour:
[x] Brown - $10.00
[_] Blonde - $7.50
[_] Black - $1.50
[_] Bald - $0.50
[_] Other - $5.00
Total: $10.00

Eye Colour:
[x] Brown - $5.00
[_] Green - $10.00
[_] Blue - $15.00
[_] Hazel - $7.50
[_] Other - $1.50
Total: $15.00

Physical Age:
[_] 50 to 56 - $17.50
[_] 46 to 50 - $15.00
[_] 41 to 45 - $12.50
[_] 31 to 40 - $10.00
[_] 26 to 30 - $7.50
[_] 21 to 25 - $5.00
[x] 0 to 20 - $10.00
Total: $25.00

Birth Order:
[_] Twins or more than twins - $75.00
[_] First Born - $32.00
[_] Only Child - $25.00
[x] Second born - $15.00
[_] Middle child - $10.00
[_] Last Born - $10.00
[_] Third born - $55.00
[_] Fourth born - $30.00
[_] Fifth born - $40.00
[_] Sixth born -$21.50
Total: $40.00

[_] I did like once - $40.00
[_] Only Holidays or Occasions - $25.00
[_] Sometimes - $21.50
[_] Yes - $20.00
[_] only weekends - $30.00
[_] Every other day - $5.00
[_] Once a day - $1.50
[_] I live from the bottle - $Bankrupt$ [[back to $ZERO]]
[x] No - $60.00
Total:  $100.00

[x] perfect vision $40.00
[_] need/have glasses/contacts but don't wear them $20.00
[_] No correction $10.00
[_] Glasses $5.00
[_] Contacts $2.50
[_] Surgical correction -$10.00
Total: $140.00

Shoe Size
[_] 13+ - $30.00
[_] 12 and a half to 13 - $25.00
[_] 11 to 12 - $40.00
[x] 7 to 10 - $50.00
[_] Under 7- $45.00
Total: $190.00
Favorite Colours (two):
[_] Green-$75.00
[_] Red - $60.00
[x] Black - $10.00
[_] Yellow -$47.50
[_] Brown - $30.00
[_] Purple - $22.50
[_] White - $40.00
[_] Aqua - $35.00
[_] Orange - $30.00
[x] Blue - $30.00
[_] Pink - $10.00
[_] Other - $50.00
Total: $230.00

Letter your middle name start with:
[_] A-F - $5.00
[_] G-K - $17.50
[_] L-P - $30.00
[x] Q-U - $35.00
[_] V-Z -$25.00
[_] h-s $ 26.50 
Total: $265.00
Bedroom walls- select all that apply!
[x] white - $11.00
[_] green - $33.00
[_] black - $11.00
[_] purple - $22.00
[_] orange/red/yellow - $33.00
[_] blue - $22.00
[_] other - $35.00
Total: $ 276.00

First letter of the person you last talked to
[_] A-I - $10.00
[_] J-R - $5.00
[x] S-Y - $20.00
[_] Z - $25.00
Total: $296.00

Did you use a calculator to add it all up?
[_] Yes - $0
[x] Nope - $100.00
[_] some - $75.00
Total: $396.00
I wont take anything down here haha~
NEW ACCOUNT: Zero09Studios

Watch me there and ye uwu invite me to your groups and ye
Thanks for everything <3

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