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Mostly SSBB XD
This haves amazing artists and arts here!

.:Amazing Artist List:.

I am not putting her here because she is my best friend here (MAH SAMMEH) but because I find her style quite cute and interesting, plus she is a very good poet, I recommend you to watch her (NOW :stare:)
.:Shui-Yee Append:. by SamShamrocks"...Huggy!" by SamShamrocks
Dear mommy and daddy,Dear mommy and daddy,
Hey...Just me again.
You know.
Your daughter.
Your first born child.
Your first mistake...
I just wanted to pop in,
Leave a smile or two.
Ask for a hug from daddy.
Ask for a kiss from mommy.
You know.
Your daughter being silly and childish.
Me being needy...
"No self-control..."
Just a walking contradiction,
With my brothers far by your side,
But me straddling behind.
Running around Home Depot.
"Rowr, I'm a dinasaur!"
Humming my japanese "crap".
Drawing my same
Writing my same
Being that same
Daughter of yours.
I'm sorry mommy.
I'm sorry if I can't get straight A's.
But I did get straight B's.
I'm sorry if you're never around
To see why I yell at the little one.
I'm sorry for always "interrupting" conversations
Just to tell you my input.
I'm sorry if everytime I talk
It sounds like I'm arguing...
Well. According to you.
I don't mean to cry
And get upset,
Raising my voice
When y

I just love the way she draws *O* it's just really awesome! And beautiful! Totally one of the people I look up at XP
Lancey by KarmikosmicBlood, Sweat, and Tears by KarmikosmicTRADE: Link by Karmikosmic

I love her coloring style and her style overall! She's one of my favorite digital artist ever *v*
:FE:Laurent: by KaiSuki:KAI:KIM:Ren'Ai Yuusha:KAIdoru:Collab: by KaiSuki:UTAU+VOCALOID:Venomania: by KaiSuki

HER STYLE IS JUST- I CANT- I really really like her style o 7 o I also like how she can draw very different things ^7^
TaYLoR 2014 full body by TaYLoRinUnofficialKado by TaYLoRinUnofficialKikaTaY yes pls by TaYLoRinUnofficial

I think her anatomy is just perfect, and her coloring is just gorgerous!! You should totally watch her uvu
Kei English - -ERROR by sonictheunknownSun Art by sonictheunknownWatching You Die - (Kyokusei Jiseki) by sonictheunknown

Probably one of my most favorite digital aritst ever. ThEIR CHARACTER IS CUTE AS FUCK TOO OK. I love their coloring <3
Do the Mako by Tsuyaoi[White Knight] by TsuyaoiPane Dhiria by Tsuyaoi

Her style is super cute~! She's very versatile, so she can pull off more than one style~
Beats of Silence - meiko by mania211AT: angryloftwings - chrom fire emblem by mania211Ichigawa Ami ACT2 by mania211

I really love this person's background! Her coloring is soft and sweet too <3
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAI by nekodoruUTAU: Yuett Egao: Dead Oasis by nekodoruVOCALOID:SO MANY: by nekodoru
What is your 'online' Name: 
Zero09Ike. I almost go by that name EVERYWHERE. Except for youtube, where I am SammehFangirl01. I chose that name because I must let everyone know that I am the 01# fan of this bitch right here -> SamShamrock 

What UTAU's have you created?: 
Okay okay okay, I'll sort them in the ones I voice and the ones I don't
UTAUs I voice:
-Rye Kuna
-Juno Hiyama
-Norely Hiyama
-Chiasa Morelle
-Sparx-On (old)
-Jonathan (old)
-Cobalto (old/scrapped)
-Lunai Ayase
-Sarah Yume (unlegit)
-Silba Mondragon (old/scrapped)
-Riku Naoko
(I think that's it?? |D)

UTAUs I don't voice:
-Kimiko (voiced by Kassie)
-Effie Ned (voiced by Kassie)
-CALISTO (voiced by TaYLoRinUnofficial)
-Rio Korine (voiced by Lunamageice)
-HANSEL (voiced by KitsuneofMusic)
-Spanish Nipple/Rue Lee (voiced by sonictheunknown)
-Rath (Ruth & Rath are voiced by the same person, however I lost their username :^( )
-Unnamed Female (voiced by TaYLoRinUnofficial)

And I just started-//STABBED

What UTAU's and UTAU makers do you look up to?: 
My favorite UTAU is probably Matsudappoiyo, and VERY close behind Kiei from Cybersenpai, they're just perfect in everywhere and you can't convince me otherwise. I also ADORE Aido Ishiame and Circus-P, I love the way they tune and how they make each voice they use shine (they're more active in VOCALOID though lol). I also adore Hibiki Shinji <3. I love Hiro Shishiza, and I really look up to KitsuneofMusic because I think she's a very skilled mixer and her tuning is just *^* I also admire Lunamageice and ALL of his UTAUs, I think they're all superb, I love the way he tune and I looove his mixing, also I like how he can pull off so many appends of his UTAU :'D And I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Kieg and his creator Geiky <3. Other UTAUs I love are Mizuki Zuiga, Sonone Linako & Remu, Ami Taiyo, Kumone Keishi, VIC(toria), KAI KIM, Kaibara Daiki, Hakone Shima, Yume Utao, Ron Keine, and many more |^D

What are some of your dreams as an UTAU maker?:
Um I haven't really thought of that. Well I guess finally be able to make USTs, and perfect my oto and tuning skills~ |D

What got you into UTAU?: 
Well I made friends with saki-rin and I really liked her UTAU and she encouraged me to stop being such a puss stop being scared and record my first UTAU.

What do you like best about your UTAU?:
I love all my UTAUs, period, to be honest I don't know what (or which) I like best so |D But at least with my first 5 UTAUs, I'm super happy that I got to remake their voicebanks and now they sound much nicer! They've come such long way hhhhhhhhhhhhh. (I just have 1 1/2 year in UTAU what am I saying)

What do you dislike/think you need to improve upon with your UTAU?: 
Well I know with Rye I gotta fix his T's, which I mispronounced on purpose for whatever reason even I don't know. I suppose I have to revise my accent overall, and I need to improve designs.

What are your plans for the future with your UTAU?: 
FINALLY give them all VCVs o vo) And if I can, at least a Bipitch bank. Perioud. u vu)</i>


Zero09Ike's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
I don't lie when I say you are the kindest person I have met. I really like you, you are very special to me, you have become a part of my life, and when you are not here, I don't feel complete, so I pray I can see you again everyday. Forever my best friend Sammeh, I love you :heart: ◕ ‿ ◕ oωo





Stamps GakuLen by nowaki-901Link: The Evolution Stamp by TiuanaRuiMarth X Peach Stamp by Sunnyme60They aren't the same thing by crazylaura64U MAD BROS? by crazylaura64Aoki Lapis by crazylaura64Because They Need Much More Love... by crazylaura64RUN THE FUCK AWAY IF YOU SEE 'EM COMIN' by crazylaura64Piko Miki stamp by LadyOgien:UTAU:KUBI:MEGA:Stamp2: by KaiSukiStampsKeine ron stamp request by LotteQKaito and Gakupo - Stamp by aries95aKaito by tulipano90Sexy Kaito stamp by JesseCrabbeV3 Kaito stamp by Kurai-Kogami24Vocaloid Stamp by arskumaOverseas UTAU Stamp... UPDATE by myst-saphyrI RP SMUT by DarthSukiDespite all the drama in the community... by AwesomeLurkerSHIPPERS GONNA SHIP BRO :stamp: by Kurai-Kogami24STAMP Utatane Piko by The-Last-Fallen-AngeVocaloid: Miku Stamp by cinyuKaito x Rin Stamp by nniikkiiiLove to make OCs by railaSmosh Stamp by TigerDolphinProject Diva by azianwolfdollA Vocaloid peeve... by crazylaura64+Lily Stamp+ by PrincessLouiseBig Al_Vocaloid_Stamp by Shippuu444:UTAU:KAI:KIM:Stamp: by KaiSukiYaoi stamp by SitarPlayerIXDie Hard Kaito Fan Stamp by ThatGirlWithAMouseI hate Sukone Tei STAMP by petra-ralVOCA: GakuMiku by Before-I-SleepZeito by just-stamps:Kai:Stamp: by KaiSukiEven more nerdrage. by ZeroGravityCroquetstamp: luka by ZoeyxlovexSF-A2 Miki Stamp by etsuukorinGakupo x Meiko stamp 3 by Kaze-yoAku-Malen Derp STAMP by petra-ralUTAULOID stamp by DemireI love MMD (Rin and Len) by DS-DNASTAMP iroha nekomura by The-Last-Fallen-AngeSTAMP Lily by The-Last-Fallen-AngeChibi Taito Stamp by randomdeviant-lalalaMiku Tantrum Stamp by Sky-YoshiVocaloid - Meltdown Hard-RKMix by Gilligan-Stampsgakupo and rin magnet stamp by crazysistahs+STAMP+ Anti KaitoxLen by aerendyllCaipirinha Len stamp by Ayato-tanI :heart: windwaker by PirateGirl-TetraOUTA MY FUCKING WAY by Ry-SpiritStamp - Vocaloid: Gakupo+Miku by EmiliersAkaito by just-stampsDellHaku Stamp-ish Thing by TsukaimonBOOMVocaloid - Bringing the Rain by Gilligan-Stampslen and luka stamp by lie-dreamLenxLuka Stamp by lie-dreamluka and len stamp by crazysistahsInuYasha Stamp - Animated by AstanineBrawl Stamp 27 by Frobie-MangakaI fight for my friends by GlassPandaDA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphicsSkyward Sword by fricken-pimpZelda Spirit Tracks STAMP by FJLinkStamp - Sims Glomp by EmotikonzMatsudappoiyo stamp by Dana-eGakupo x Miku stamp 01 by MarynchanAoki Lapis Stamp by Coral-MelodiaMAYU Stamp by VocaloidStampsIroha Nekumura Stamp by VocaloidStampsVY2 Stamp#1 by TeruponVY2 Yuma :stamp: 2 by baekyunSynchronicity  BIG STAMP by Boundless-LoveRin Singing Gif by Purpl3SurrealFree! stamp: cop Rin Matsuoka. by jellyfisshes

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